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Stephanie Green & Green Acres Quilting


Episode 38 : Stephanie Green & Green Acres Quilts.

Meet Stephanie Green. She is Originally from Massachusetts. She met her husband there and returned with him to Falcarragh in 1999 where he was originally from. She spent more than 40 years as an Emergency Room nurse in the US before retiring to move to Ireland. Upon arriving in Ireland, she returned to work as a nurse in Letterkenny. It was during this time that she discovered quilting and eventually decided to retire again and set up her own business.

Stephanie now shares her craft of quilt making with people with a love of quilts. Stephanie’s is an inspirational story of following your dream and not letting age or other obstacles stop you.

For further information on Green Acres Quilts, Stephanie’s quilting classes or to buy quilts online, please visit GreenAcresQuilts.com. Or follow Stephanie on facebook.


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