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Courtney Black – From Albuquerque to Arranmore


Episode 45: Courtney Black – From Albuquerque to Arranmore

Arranmore Island, located 5km off the coast of Donegal, North-West of Ireland, has just gone through the biggest advancement in its recent history by becoming the recipient of Ireland’s first offshore digital hub. In an open letter to the people of America, the island’s community has stated that they are now “open for business”.

Meet Courtney Black. Courtney is a travel writer and photographer. She read the viral letter. She had already planned a visit to Dublin and intrigued by the contents of the letter decided to pay a visit to Arranmore. Now she uses the island as a base to come back to to work between her adventures around the World. Initially she had some difficulty getting to the island but now she uses Donegal Airport to connect to Dublin Airport and from there to travel the World. Her writings focus on women travellers and encourages them to be adventurous and to step outside their comfort zone. She is bringing the term “Connected Island” to a new level. Find her travels at CocoBetty Travels or www.cocobetty.com


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