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Corcreggan Mill Holiday Village, Dunfanaghy


Chapter 25 : Corcreggan Mill Holiday Village

Corcreggan Mill was once a thriving corn mill located near Dunfanaghy, Co. Donegal. Over-farming in the area during World War 1, resulted in the sand being deposited in the sea and silting up the once thriving Dunfanaghy harbour, thus reducing the business in the area. After years of neglect it was transformed in the late 1980s into a camping site and hostel complete with a converted train carriage and trawler.

Last Easter, the business was bought by Siubhán and her business partner, Adrian, and they have just finished their first summer season. They have built on the existing business and have molded it into more than just a place to stay. Their Motto is #ThisIsDonegal and want to provide an unforgetable Donegal experience to their guests. They have embraced many facets of Irish life and have incorporated Irish music, the Irish language and good food into the experience.

Sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint are also important for their business model. Already, the tents are equipped with solar powered lighting and phone chargers, the water is heated by solar panels and they plan to install a hydro-power turbine in the old mill to produce their own electricity.


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