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Ballyshannon, Ireland’s Oldest Town


Episode 67: Ballyshannon, Ireland’s Oldest Town

Barry Sweeny is a local artist and was recently elected to Donegal County Council. When we got to Ballyshannon, everybody we met said that Barry was the man to show us around the town and tell us about it’s history which dates back further than the pyramids!

And we weren’t disappointed. Barry told us about the first settlers, the poet William Allingham and one of the World’s most renowned guitarists Rory Gallagher. He also took us to the famine grave where more than 1,000 people are buried And told us about that sad chapter in the town’s history. He continued with the Battle of Ballyshannon where the Irish, aided by survivors of the Spanish Armada drove the British Army from the town.

Finally he told us about the fascinating connection that the town has with Dracula and Frankenstein!!


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