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Ballyshannon, Ireland’s Oldest Town

Episode 67: Ballyshannon, Ireland’s Oldest Town Barry Sweeny is a local artist and was recently elected to Donegal County Council. When we got to Ballyshannon, everybody we met said that Barry was the man to show us around the town and tell us about it’s history which dates back further than the pyramids! And we […]

Donegal Bay Waterbus

Episode 66: Donegal Bay Waterbus If you’re visiting Donegal Town or any of the locations close by a trip on the Donegal Bay Waterbus is a must. The trip starts off with a very interesting informative tour of the seven islands in the bay, taking in their history and you can catch glimpses of a […]

Donegal Town Tour with Noel Cunningham

Episode 65: A Tour of Donegal Town with Noel Cunningham We’re back with Noel Cunningham of Harvey’s Point again and he took us on a virtual tour of Donegal Town.

Harvey’s Point Hotel

Episode 63: Harvey’s Point Hotel We met up with Noel Cunningham of the fabulous Harvey’s Point Hotel on Lough Eske near Donegal Town. Noel talked to us about what makes Donegal so special – the people, the place and the welcome.

Killybegs Regeneration Project

Episode 62: Killybegs Regeneration Project Meet Niamh Kennedy. Niamh is an elected member of Donegal County Council and is very involved in the Killybegs Regeneration Group. Niamh talked to us about what small towns and villages in rural Ireland must try to achieve in order to survive and thrive.

Wild Atlantic Crafts

Episode 61: Wild Atlantic Crafts With a huge variety of high-end tweeds, luxury throws, knitwear and even lamps made from reclaimed driftwood, Wild Atlantic Crafts offers the opportunity to buy a loved one that unforgettable gift. All made locally by local crafters. The idea for the shop originated from the Killybegs Regeneration project. Currently about […]

John Molloy Woollen Mill

Episode 60: John Molloy Woollen Mill Mick Molloy talks to us about the history of weaving in Ardara and in Donegal, the tradition of hand knitting and being part of a business that goes back 5 generations.

Killybegs Tour with Hugh O’Donnell

Chapter 59: A Tour of Killybegs with Hugh O’Donnell Hugh O’Donnell, proprietor of Hughie’s Bar in Killybegs tells us all about Killybegs and there’s so much more to it than just fishing!

Brew In Threw, Sliabh League

Episode 58: Brew In Threw, Sliabh League Meet Julie Healy. Julie realised her life long ambition earlier this year by establishing Brew In Thru in Teelan, close to the Sliabh League Sea Cliffs. She told us about her new business, her 1968 Citroen van, getting the right products and the beautiful location that she operates […]

Glen Folk Village, Glencolumbcille

Episode 57: Glen Folk Village, Glencolumbcille The Glen Folk Village is a cluster of several small cottages, called a ‘clachan’, perched on a hillside overlooking the sandy curve of Glen Bay Beach in the Gaeltacht (Irish-speaking area) of South West Donegal. Designed, built and maintained by the local people, the Folk Village is one of […]
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